Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Servos AT-ST Robot

This my improved servo robot with both hip and neck rotations. The skeleton is a step up from the previous Coke-can, I have used the Meccano (Erector) Crane kit parts to built a nice base for the AT-ST. It was my first time using Meccano and turned out to be a pleasure to work with. They are versatile, quick, and secure-- perfect for adhoc robot framing.

--> Arduino 0018 Sketch for Two Servos and SerLCD module
(do not upload with TX attached to SerLCD)

Robert Tempchin - Sweet robot neck! How strong are those servos? Strong enough to crush your enemies?4:06 am

Mike Jirsa - Are those step motors or normal servos? I saw that you have the degree feedback from the servos, but is that something that is measured or inferred from the last position+movement?

Depending on the application, you may want to go with step motors/controllers for more precise control.
4:16 am

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Christopher Lee - Not that strong- but these are:
They are just normal servos, the cheapest I could find at the hobby store. The degrees output on the LCD is actually the degree I send to the Servo.write(rotation) method-- there is some pulse wave modulation that is worked out by the library for me in order to control the servo.

The potentiometers control the rotation and are hooked up to some analog inputs on the Arduino.

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