Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pachube Cloud Sensor Build

Test_4 8:31am 26 June Saturday:
Results Test 3
Failed with error code on PUT.
"Data updated: Fri Jun 25 13:51:04 UTC 2010, currently: frozen."
~2,500 updates.

Start Test 4 8:31am
code: pachubeLm335zTemperatureSensor_v1

Test_3 6:04pm 25 June Friday:
Results Test 2
Failed with blinking 13 6:00pm.
~2,500 updates.

Start Test 3
code: pachubeLm335zTemperatureSensor_v1

Test_2 2 5:26pm 25 June Friday:

ResultsTest 1
The board failed several times during the day- I rang Jade to reset the power to the Arduino. Again failure with blinking 13 LED.
~2,500 successful updates.

Start Test 2
Have unbent the RESET pin on shield and have installed as normal.
code: Pachube_client_watchdogTimer_v2

Test_1 7:45am 25 June Friday: Having trouble using the bent RESET pin, so put it back to normal. The ethernetShield seems to bug out, its onboard LED (d13) flashing rapidly and the serial monitor displays no more output. This is only cured by cutting power to the board and restarting. Is this because I have not yet burned the Lady Ada bootloader?

Start test 1
leave the bent pin, but ran a jumper from Arduino RESET to the ethernetShield RESET.
code: Pachube_client_watchdogTimer_v2

Main Post 25 June Friday:

An attempt to build a reliable internet data logger (using Pachube servers). This hardware and bootload modification will allow the AtMega watchdog timer to be used to reset the Arduino board when a lockup is detected. It also boasts the feature of resetting the ethernetShield separately from the Arduino before every ethernet connection (bend RESET pin on your shield so it is not connected to Arduino). Digital pin 9 is then hooked up to the RESET pin of the shield to allow a shield reset in the sketch.

Arduino Duemilanove 328 + Official EthernetShield + LM335 (z) temperature sensor.

Bent out RESET pin of ethernetShield and ran Digital9 to reset of the shield as Pachube's official tutorial shows.

Temperature calculation for voltage of board (vB), analog output (a), voltage divisor (vd), millivolts (mV), kelvin (k) and celcius (c).

vB = 4.955

a = analogOutput

vd = 1024/vB

mV = a/vd

k = mv/10

c = k - 273.15

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