Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pachube 8281


Arduino feed of LM335 temperature sensor to the cloud.

This is an extension of the LM335 temperature sensor circuit adding internet logging capabilities to the Arduino using Pachube (patch-bay). It is basically the same circuit with the Tellymate and Arduino (Wiznet) EthernetShield added, so I will point you to the original LM335 plans.

Everything is stock so far, no modifications have been made to the ethernetShield or the Arduino. I do get the freezing problem with the Arduino quite regularly, so a reset is indeed needed. My solution was to use an old Arduino Atmega8 I have lying around and program it is a "resetter". A simple sketch with digitalWrite to pin 9 (hooked up to the Arduino RESET) gives me a hard reset every 30 minutes.

Wiring to Pachube is a breeze, but could not figure out how to send proper results using "sprintf()". In the end I just sent comma-delimted values using "localClient.print" and bypassed the "pachube_data" array as set up in the tutorial sketch. Also I am very impressed by the speed, reliability and level of online documentation for Pachube-- hopefully this will stay around as a sustainable business model even if they start charging for their services. Good stuff.

Porthole and the QR image generator are quite interesting as well for Pachube feed visualization and physicalisation.

>>Project Zip Files arduino/sketches/ pachubeLm335zTemperatureSensor_v1

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